About ‘Agdrone Ltd’

Agdrone is an experienced and dedicated Agricultural Drone Business

Now under new ownership – Agdrone Limited is now under the ownership of Jordan Salmons and Nikki Oates and has joined the DronezUp network of companies. DronezUp is a longstanding nationwide provider of agricultural drone services with bases strategically positioned around the country to meet our clients needs. To contact our operations team, give the office a call at 0800 4 37 663 or send your email to info@dronezup.co.nz Agdrone has grown from humble beginnings in 2018 with one pilot and one 10 litre drone. To a modern fleet of 2 pilots with three state of the art modern DJI drones. All of our Pilots are trained and qualified Agricultural and Spray pilots, who all hold a commercial UAV pilots licence with agricultural ratings and a qualification in common sense.

Our background is business management, farming, adventure tourism, Air transport operations, and a passion for a job well done. Some time ago we identified the need for specialised, unique application opportunities in aerial UAV applications.

From a totally agricultural start Agdrone has now expanded its operations to include many other facets of UAV Aerial applications

There are many aerial applications that are: time, terrain, obstacle and area challenged. We thrive in this environment.

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Our Aircraft

We have three Drones

DJI T10, 10 litre drone. The T10 replaces our original AGRAS drone who after a very busy life was retired late in 2021 and replaced with the latest technology. The T10 has state of the art systems and the same operating system as our larger T30 drones. The T10 is ideal for smaller jobs and those with scattered vegetation.

We now fly 2 DJI T30 30 Litre Agricultural Drones. The T30 is a completely new generation of drone. The T30 is capable of spraying up to 5 hectares an hour on Pasture weeds and up to 2 hectares an hour on woody weeds.

The T30 also has the capability of having a 2 or 3D map with spray zones entered into its navigation system and with the RTK Navigation it will spray to within 3 cm accuracy. Its 30 Litre tank means it is ideal for bigger jobs

DJI T30 Drone

Carbon emissions

Compared to conventional aviation our carbon emissions are virtually nil. A major consideration for those concerned with Pollution

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Our drone pilots are qualified under Rule 102 of CAA rules.

We are authorised for commercial activity under CAA AOC 94193

What we do

A variety of services

Woody Weeds

Check out some of the action below:

Agdrone In Action

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