About ‘Agdrone Ltd’

We are a small Boutique Family business

Our background is in business management, farming, adventure tourism and a passion for a job well done. Some time ago we identified a specialist and unique application opportunity in aerial farming.

There are some aerial agricultural applications that are time, terrain and area challenged.

That’s our niche and one we fit very neatly into it.

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Our Aircraft

We have two Drones

AGRAS MS-1 Agricultural Drone is a specialised agricultural spraying UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).  Our drone has a payload of 10KG (10 litres) .

The TTA Pro-8 is a 20 Litre specialist drone that has 2.5 times the pump capacity of the AGRAS drone.  The Pro -8 also has a more sophisticated auto pilot GPS capabilities.

The rate of ground we can cover depends on the topography , the target weed, crop, purpose etc and the water rate of application. plus of course the drone we are using.  Spraying most pasture weeds we can use 50 litres of water per Hectare cover an area of approx. 2(AGRAS) / 3.5 (TTA Pro 8) hectares an hour. Spraying solid Gorse approx. @ 100 litres per hectare. .5 or 1.5 Hectares an hour. In scattered vegetation we shine. Our boom covers 3 or 3.75 metres and our ground speed is generally between 2 / 15 KMPH thus we can turn off the pumps between plants if there is a gap between plants, minimising pasture damage.

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Our drone pilot is qualified under Rule 102 of CAA rules.

We are authorised for commercial activity under CAA AOC 94193

What we do

A variety of services

Check out some of the action below:

Agdrone In Action

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The AGRAS Seeder