About ‘Agdrone Ltd’

Agdrone is an Experienced and dedicated Agricultural drone buisness

Since we started operations in late 2018 our business has expanded to the extent that we now operate two drones and two pilots. Both of our Pilots have extensive experience in agriculture and common sense.

Our background is business management, farming, adventure tourism and a passion for a job well done. Some time ago we identified the needs for specialised, unique application opportunities in aerial UAV applications.

From a totally agricultural start Agdrone has now expanded its operations to include many other facets of UAV Aerial applications

There are many aerial applications that are time, terrain, obsticle and area challenged. We thrive in this environment.

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Our Aircraft

We have two Drones

AGRAS MS-1 Agricultural Drone is a specialised agricultural spraying UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).  This drone has a payload of 10KG (10 litres) .

The TTA Pro-8 is a 20 Litre specialist drone that has a larger pump output and is ideal for larger jobs. Depending on the water rate the Pro 8 can spray up to 3 Hectares an hour.

The Pro -8 also has a more sophisticated auto pilot GPS capabilities.

Carbon emissions

Compared to conventional aviation our carbon emissions are virtually Nil. This is now quite a consideration for those concerned with Polution

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Our drone pilots are qualified under Rule 102 of CAA rules.

We are authorised for commercial activity under CAA AOC 94193

What we do

A variety of services

Woody Weeds

Check out some of the action below:

Agdrone In Action

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The AGRAS Seeder