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Why you should choose Agdrone for your Woody Weeds problem:

  • The AGRAS MS-1 is small and versatile and ideal for tight places and spot spraying
  • The TTA – Pro 8 is a larger drone and it is the best machine for bigger jobs
  • We can spray in most confined areas where bigger machines just cant get to.
  • For Woody weeds we spray at walking speed only. So Maximum coverage and plant penetration.
  • Out ferry speed is around 25 KMPH
  • We spray at 2 – 4 metres above the target weed Maximum penetration
  • We use Turbo Teejet nozzles. Low drift, efficient droplet coverage
  • We maximise target penetration
  • We minmise spray drift
  • Because we spray lower and slower. We are excellent for scattered, harder to get at applications
  • In scattered applications because our spray swath of the AGRAS¬† is 3 metres and we go slow enough to turn off the pumps between clumps Pasture damage and chemical consumption is reduced
TTA – Pro -8