War on weeds not Pasture

Our drones are specialised aircraft for all pasture spraying applications

Ideal for hard to get at areas. Wet or potential ground damage areas. Our Drones can pretty well spray anywhere

  •  ‘The Unique T30 drone in pasture mode is completely GPS accurate
  • We map out the target area and save it in the drone
  • Set the rate of Water per hectare, each spray run width,  adjust the ground speed of the machine and height above the target (Normally 2 metres in this is mode)
  • The map and spray grid of the target area appears on our controller screen we then make any final adjustments
  • Set the function to Automatic.
  • Each time the 30 Litre spray tank needs refilling the Drone logs a break point and after filling will return to that exact same postion and start spraying again.
  • Our normal coverage rate on other than steep country and scattered weeds is approx 4/5 hectares per hour
  • Thistles generally grow in Clumps. We can spray just the clumps. Less chemical and less over all pasture damage (example a 35 Hectare property. We sprayed 5.75 Hectares and got 95% of all the thistles)
  • Drain spraying is another area of vegetation control we are often involved in.
  • Our normal charge rate varies depending on the nature of the job, before we start your job we will confirm the rate for that job. We do charge mileage to and from the job.
  • To ask more about your spray job Phone 0274 428 322 Now.