Gorse, Manuka, Broom  Blackberry, Wooly, Nightshade, Japanese, Honeysuckle and many others.

At AgDrone, we pride ourselves on our precision agriculture techniques, which enable us to meticulously target specific plant species and areas with unparalleled GPS accuracy. By doing so, we ensure that chemical applications are utilised sparingly and only where necessary, resulting in considerable cost savings for our clients and a reduced environmental footprint. Our team members undergo rigorous training and certification in the safe handling and aerial application of agricultural chemicals, and our internal training program surpasses industry standards, keeping our team at the forefront of advancements in practices and technologies.

Choosing AgDrone for your targeted weed problem offers numerous advantages:

  • The T40 is a large drone, making it the best machine for bigger jobs.
  • We can access most confined areas where larger machines cannot reach.
  • We spray at 2 to 4 meters above the target weed for optimal penetration.
  • We minimise spray drift, enhancing application accuracy.
  • Our lower and slower spraying approach makes us excellent for scattered and harder-to-reach applications.
Spraying Gorse